Rainbow Microfetti® is Biodegradable Paper Confetti re-invented! Tiny pieces of multicoloured Biodegradable Tissue paper that falls like a flurry and is guaranteed to make you smile.

You will recieve 20 sealed frosted packets of Rainbow Microfetti, all ready to go! Taking the strain off your special day and giving you one less job to do!

(If you require more than 20 add 2 to your basket for 40 packets, 3 for 60 packets etc).


Personalisation is available (at an additional cost). Select one personalisation design from the drop down menu and enter details in the box.


Beautiful biodegradable tissue paper confetti, each piece approx. 6mm in diameter, created from, bleed resistant tissue paper.


Don't forget we plant one tree for every order!

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Rainbow Microfetti® (20 packets)

  • Please note, tissue paper is biodegradable but not instantly water soluble: it will generally biodegrade in around 2 weeks depending on the weather. Please be aware that the colours shown in the photographs may display differently on different computer monitors, mobile device screens, etc but we do try our best to accurately photograph the colours.

    The confetti is bleed resistant under normal use and conditions. However, we do not recommend using it when raining and would suggest any wet or damp confetti is removed from fabric, furnishings and flooring immediately as we cannot guarantee that the colour will not run. We have tested this confetti and found no ooze of colour at all even in damp conditions but will not accept any liability for any colour transfer. Confetti should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to avoid any colour fading.